Warranty & Indemnity Insurance
W&I insurance serves to cover losses resulting from unknown breaches of warranties and indemnities given by the seller to the purchaser in a purchase agreement.

The insurance policy “steps into the shoes” of the seller and covers such losses subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. The insured (most often the buyer) benefits from the fact that losses can be recovered directly vis-à-vis the insurer, so that there is no need to involve the seller in a claims settling process.

The coverage may benefit both the buyer and the seller in helping to overcome obstacles to negotiating the Transaction.
Potential Benefits for
Bidders and Acquirers:
Enhances their bid by enabling reduction of the Seller’s indemnity escrow
Extends the scope and survival period of the Seller’s representations
Avoids potential future conflicts with management who are retained in the acquired business, but who were also Sellers
Potential Benefits for Sellers
Enables reduction of the indemnity escrow, thereby increasing cash available to the Seller immediately upon the sale of the business
Enables more attractive limitations on the Seller’s indemnity obligations
We offer a full suite
Given that each transaction is individual in terms of the negotiated warranties and indemnities and the due diligence conducted, the W&I policy is in each case a bespoke solution designed to provide back-to-back cover to the extent possible.

We offer a full suite of primary and excess insurance policies and deliver comprehensive coverage that is coordinated with the timing practicalities of each transaction.
Our Suite
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